hj jaw crusher

What is the HJ series jaw crusher?

Extruded with curvilinear way for broken HJ series jaw crusher, main frame section rotor portion, fuses and nesting population adjustment device and other components. In the lubrication system, adjust the system for auxiliary equipment. Our company is based on the actual needs of the customer site, based on the spirit of high input, high output design, development unveiled a low-power, high capacity in a modern high-performance crusher --HJ series jaw crusher.

Than the average compared to traditional jaw crusher, I produced a new type HJ jaw crusher energy through the whole structure, moving jaw trajectory, so the chamber cavity type precision optimized so that the yield and stability of the model have been greatly enhanced, and the machine is equipped with forged eccentric shaft, oversized bearings, E-type frame, with labyrinth seals and other quality components, but also make the device more durable and more reliable. Even in the face of basalt, granite, quartzite rock high hardness, HJ energy jaw crusher is also able to break its one-time medium-grained, reducing stress and wear two, three broken equipment, reduce production costs.

HJ Jaw Crusher Applicable Materials

Basic Info

HJ series jaw crusher Capacity
[Feed size]: 150-800mm
[Capacity]: 110-650T / h
[Applications]: building stone crushing, metal ore crushing and solid waste disposal.

river gravel, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, diabase, basalt, black metal mining, non-ferrous metal mining, construction waste, gangue, tailings.

Jaw crusher price, how much money a jaw crusher ?

Relatively speaking. Each jaw crusher manufacturer's prices are not the same, the main requirement is to look at your material, production and fineness, and jaw crusher manufacturers will be based on your needs to give you with reasonable equipment

HJ Jaw Crusher Technical Data

Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kW) Machine Size(mm)
HJ98 650×980 560 75-175 110-350 90-110 2470×2000×2180
HJ110 800×1100 660 100-200 215-510 110-132 2875×2472×2530
HJ125 950×1250 800 125-225 280-650 132-160 3320×2600×3120